Internet Issues

It is very difficult to find internet provision sufficient to upload to this blog. We are doing our best and also tweeting wherever possible.

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5 thoughts on “Internet Issues

  1. Rachel Harris

    So glad to hear that all is well and I love it that your all experiencing the universal language of smiles and laughter! I did notice that it looks like my Alice has hurt her left arm in the pic! Is all ok with her?

  2. Rachel Harris

    Doh, I now realise its paint! Panic mother mode over! lol

  3. Steve Mulcahy

    That’s a classic 🙂

    I was in touch by phone today – everyone is having a great time indeed! A few tummy bugs but other than that, fit and healthy.

    Mr M 🙂

  4. Glad to hear you reassured yourself Rachel! I am sure we would hear at Richard Lander if there was anything to cause concern and of course we would let you know. Sally Wright (still in UK 😦 )

  5. mandabrookman

    Don’t worry, guys….we can understand the problems. Just take care…have loads of fun…and we’re so proud of you all, and mıssıng you loads!

    Manda (Ruby’s Mum)

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